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  • We have used Shop Chop A Go Go a couple times when camping in Okoboji! Deb is amazing and can make anything! When your short on time after a long work week it is wonderful to have fresh delicious food ready to go with one call and there waiting for you! For a family or entire group it is so nice to have a hassle free food weekend!

    Jenny Shamader
  • My family has been enjoying Deb’s meals for over 7 years and two words can sum it up….SIMPLY AMAZING!! Whether it is a casual meal with sandwiches, pasta, beef tenderloin, or seafood, Deb creates the ultimate meal and with all the fixings. Deb’s attention to details & creativity is incredible. We have been fortunate to enjoy Valentine’s meals at Deb’s….WOW WOW WOW!! Given the choice of going out to eat or Deb’s meals, it’s an easy decision and it’s always unanimous at our house…Deb’s!! So happy she is going to share her talent in the kitchen with others!

    Kris McHugh
  • I have had the pleasure/privilege to be a part of the Merten family parties and can say without hesitation Deb can make a party of 6 or 106 go off without a flaw. Her flare for theme parties as well as the food to go with it is a talent most do not have.The impressive part to me is she can cater a top notch meal to any age group along with creating a fun atmosphere to most any walks of life. We always look forward to the next event with Deb and crew as you always know the food will be great as well as the atmosphere!”

    Steve & Janine Huss
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